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Danielle George

Where you come from:  Connecticut.

Where you live now:  Single wide trailer, upstate New York.

What age you were at the time of the photograph:  I was 28.

How old you expect to live to be:  When the burdens of life outweigh the joy.
The scales seem to start tipping wildly between 60-90.

What is something that you do that gives you real joy in life?  I love to win.

What about yourself do you really like?  I’m pretty resilient.

Have you ever known anyone who died of AIDS?  Yes.

Have you ever known anyone who died at a young age?  Yes, several people. One of them did die from AIDS.

What would you like to see people do to change the world?  Think beyond themselves.

Looking back over your life, what are some of the funnest times you’ve ever had?
Funnest times…. climbing rocks, playing ping-pong, wandering around Brooklyn at night, being in the Greek islands with my family, swimming in the Mediterranean, hiking with my dogs, sleeping in the woods, looking at the Yukon, New York City, meeting my sister’s new baby, being in beautiful places with people I love, last Christmas, there have been so many good times. I didn’t even realize.

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