Behind the Camera

I was given these blue sunglasses many years ago by a friend in Washington, DC, my home town.  He died from AIDS shortly after, and I never let the glasses go.  But I also was never quite sure of what to do with them.  I loved them, but I’d have a tough time working them as my own look.

Then I became more involved in photography, and thought it might be fun to snap some portraits of friends wearing them.  They bring a festive feel to the moment, while also serving as a memento mori to my creative friends who died so young.  Soon these images became their own project.  They’ve been exhibited and collected, and hopefully will one day make their way into a photo book.

Me, I’m more of a filmmaker than a photographer.  I write, direct and produce film & video content.  Click here to see my film site:  For more of my photography, as well as other artwork, my personal website is:

I live in Brooklyn, NY, where I ride a bicycle most everywhere, and stay in touch with many dearly beloved friends around the planet.  Drop a line if you want.
energy (AT) littleatom (DOT) com

Margaret Schnipper